About Us

The New Way to Success

As healthcare undergoes a time of expansive, unprecedented change, the chiropractic profession has an opportunity to mobilize and advance to embrace the future of health information technology. SeamLESS™ stands alone with matchless innovation and ease of implementation, supported by a team of specialists, chiropractors, and chiropractic assistants dedicated to improving practice efficiency. We offer leading edge solutions based on proven technologies and unsurpassed experience in private practice.

The SeamLESS™ work flow is streamlined, offering an edge on efficiency that cannot otherwise be achieved. Your staff will immediately take the reins on a system tailor made for a private practice like yours. Some processes are entirely automated, relying solely on system assigned triggers within the application. Others—like those that you already use every day—also rely on people to initiate the process and enter or approve information. In either case, SeamLESS™ technology offers a level of ease which allows you and your staff to concentrate on what matters most, your patients.

Our History