SeamLESS v1 & eSuite

SeamLESS v1 & eSuite

**RESOLVED - Performing the ICD10 Patch update will resolve this issue.

Fixed issue:

Limit characters to 50 in description within the ICD10 Utility

This is a limitation within SeamLESS 1.0. A workaround is to re-word your diagnosis descriptions within SeamLESS 1.0 > Management > Diagnosis. We recommend putting the verbiage that helps you identify the code just after the ICD10 code in the description.


Original - M47.27 - Other spondylosis with radiculopathy, lumbosacral region

Edited - M47.27 - Lumbosacral:Other spondylosis with radiculopathy

YES, but you must add the code through the ICD10 Utility! You can add the same code as many times as you would like.

***DO NOT copy and paste within SeamLESS 1.0 to add the code. This may cause errors in the future.

**This affects printed and electronic claims

2 issues were identified during live testing with the ICD10 utility and claims and corrected. In order to correct these, you will need to update the ICD10 Utility program on your server BEFORE processing any claims after 10/1/5. Mentor should not be required for this patch. **If you do process claims, simply delete any claims Infinedi rejects in eSuite, apply the Patch, then the next time you process the claims will go through.

1. Printed claims show the full 7 digit ID # instead of the corresponding ICD10 code. - RESOLVED

2. Electronic claims sent to Infinedi fill in diagnosis lines that are blank with the first diagnosis code. - RESOLVED

Instructions to fix this issue:

1. ON THE SERVER FIRST!!!!!! Open the following link ICD10 Utility Update

2. If your browser warns not to run, you may have to select run anyways, or Keep etc...

3. Run the program and follow the same instructions to install as described in the original ICD10 Utility video.

The EHR 2015 - Modified Stage 2 measure documentation can be found in the Pinnacle Unlimited forms dropbox folder or you can download then straight from CMS website.

2015 Program Requirements

EHR for Eligible Professionals: What You Need to Know for 2015 Tipsheet

EHR Incentive Programs in 2015-2017 Overview Fact Sheet

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This Utility is an add-on product to work with SeamLESS 1.0 and eSuite. This Utility will allow users to add ICD10 codes into SeamLESS.  It will also allow users to send paper and electronic claims in ICD10 or ICD9 format automatically.  The Utility can be installed on the server and/or workstation computers.  It is self installable and takes 1-2 mnutes to complete.  A video tutorial is available in the Knowledgebase under Videos.

** HINT: If during the install process you are asked to select a server and the page is blank and not showing any servers, exit the installer.  From the folder containing the install file, right click on the file and left click on run as administrator. This will then find all your servers.  Select the PINNACLE instance on your current server computer!!

Please use the following link to download the SeamLESS ICD10 Utility. 

SeamLESS ICD10 Utility Download

ICD-10 Utility Video Tutorial

Server = eSuite Version (Windows Control Panel version

Workstation = eSuite Version (Windows Control Panel version

Released 12/23/15

Released On: 12/23/2015
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