PinnacleTV - v 3.0

PinnacleTV turns any un-utilized wall into a motivational and educational center in your practice, replacing the Q-Pak, Referral board, Hot Seat message board, Speaking board, and more.  All you need is a TV and computer with HDMI output. PinnacleTV includes a sleek modern video presentation with movement and effects. The videos, broken into 10 minute increments, total 1.5 hours of video played on a continuous loop.  They also play at random, so your patients will likely see something new at every office visit. Your patients will also see local weather conditions, office closings, health tips and anything else you would like to add. It’s all under your control with our easy-to-use online control panel. Motion backgrounds and seasonal themes automatically change monthly to keep content fresh. If you’re wondering how easy it is to use, we’ve got you covered. Go ahead and check out our online Videos to learn everything there is to know about updating your PinnacleTV.

Here are just a few of the topics you’ll find in the video presentation…

Chiropractic Lifestyle, Chiropractic Famous Quotes, Chiropractic Research, Chiropractic Education, Exercise/Weight Loss Tips, Children and Chiropractic Nutritional Facts, Chiropractic Facts, Chiropractic Principles, Medical Death / Injury Stats, BJ’s BIG Idea, Facts About Pharmaceutical Companies, Chiropractic Pediatrics, Vaccine Information, Pregnancy and Chiropractic, and more.

PinnacleTV Minimum Equipment Requirements: Dedicated computer with HDMI output and access to internet; HDTV with 1080 resolution and HDMI input; HDMI cable; mount or stand for HDTV.

To get started, complete the PinnacleTV Setup. Follow the steps to Create a New Account. After you fill in your registration information, return to the PinnacleTV Setup Instruction Page and download the appropriate software. Every PinnacleTV account is ready to go with pre-loaded content and presentations! Initial customization for your office is completed in just a few easy steps.

1.Sign up for your PinnacleTV Account:  PinnacleTV Sign up
2.Install Adobe® AIR™ runtime on all computers that will running PinnacleTV AirStudio or PinnacleTV AirPlayer:  Adobe air
3.On any computer that you wish to use to customize and edit your PinnacleTV stream (ie. a Front Desk computer), install PinnacleTV SignageStudio for editing and customizing.
4.Only on the computers which will be streaming PinnacleTV (connected directly to a TV), Install PinnacleTV SignagePlayer to stream PinnacleTV to your HDTV.
5.Optional, watch our online Video Tutorials for info on advanced customization.

PinnacleTV 3.0 was released in the summer of 2014. This release includes:

1. New graphics

2. New Motion backgrounds

3. Labeled text boxes to make it easier to edit and update

4. 2 tickers at the bottom of the presentation

5. Updated timeline for 2014-2015 scheduled change of themes.

Released On: 08/01/2014

Digital Signage: Eliminate all of the dry erase boards in yoru office and replace them with digital signage.  Control all of the boards in your office from one location using the same PinancleTV signage studio software used to control PinnacleTV.  The boards will not need separate computers, but will instead use special thumb drives that plug into the monitors HDMI port and wireless technolog to update.