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eBook requires an update to work with SeamLESS N8 The link to download will appear here once it the product has been released. Check back later for more details.

Use the following link to download the latest version of eBook to work with SeamLESS v1 a& eSuite.

eBook Installer

SeamLESS Radiology Systems

To get started with SeamLESS Radiology Systems, purchase the item from the main www.SeamLESSEHR.com website. Once the purchase is complete. SRS support will contact you to install the software.

**Note: Please do not call Mentor Support for this install. This is a different support team for SRS.




SeamLESS Support by Mentor Technologies

SeamLESS products are supported by Mentor Technologies - Contact information: Email: SlSupport@mentorok.com Phone: 1-888-724-9646 ext 6 Website: mentorok.com

SeamLESS v1 & eSuite

**RESOLVED - Performing the ICD10 Patch update will resolve this issue.

Fixed issue:

Limit characters to 50 in description within the ICD10 Utility

This is a limitation within SeamLESS 1.0. A workaround is to re-word your diagnosis descriptions within SeamLESS 1.0 > Management > Diagnosis. We recommend putting the verbiage that helps you identify the code just after the ICD10 code in the description.


Original - M47.27 - Other spondylosis with radiculopathy, lumbosacral region

Edited - M47.27 - Lumbosacral:Other spondylosis with radiculopathy

YES, but you must add the code through the ICD10 Utility! You can add the same code as many times as you would like.

***DO NOT copy and paste within SeamLESS 1.0 to add the code. This may cause errors in the future.

**This affects printed and electronic claims

2 issues were identified during live testing with the ICD10 utility and claims and corrected. In order to correct these, you will need to update the ICD10 Utility program on your server BEFORE processing any claims after 10/1/5. Mentor should not be required for this patch. **If you do process claims, simply delete any claims Infinedi rejects in eSuite, apply the Patch, then the next time you process the claims will go through.

1. Printed claims show the full 7 digit ID # instead of the corresponding ICD10 code. - RESOLVED

2. Electronic claims sent to Infinedi fill in diagnosis lines that are blank with the first diagnosis code. - RESOLVED

Instructions to fix this issue:

1. ON THE SERVER FIRST!!!!!! Open the following link ICD10 Utility Update

2. If your browser warns not to run, you may have to select run anyways, or Keep etc...

3. Run the program and follow the same instructions to install as described in the original ICD10 Utility video.

The EHR 2015 - Modified Stage 2 measure documentation can be found in the Pinnacle Unlimited forms dropbox folder or you can download then straight from CMS website.

2015 Program Requirements

EHR for Eligible Professionals: What You Need to Know for 2015 Tipsheet

EHR Incentive Programs in 2015-2017 Overview Fact Sheet

Features of the December 2015 eSuite update:
1. Updated Reports
a. Year to date detail report - added years 2015 - 2017.
b. Check and Fix - This new feature includes all the items that were included in the manual fix list for SeamLESS. Any item in each section should be addressed and fixed ASAP.
2. EHR - This update provides connectivity to MedicFusion for 2015 EHR features and attestation

Be sure to read the instructions in the How-to section of the knowledgebase titled: "EHR 2015 - Configuring SeamLESS v1 to connect to MedicFusion".
In Step 1 item 1, it suggests to download java straight from www.java.com BEFORE you perform the update. Doing this will fix the problem.
Simply hit cancel on your eSuite installer. Perform the java install. Then start the eSuite update again. It will not prompt you again for this pre-requisite.

Use the following link to download the latest version of eSuite.

eSuite Server Installer

Use the following link to download the latest version of eSuite.

eSuite Client/Workstation Installer

If you get an error trying to log in as a patient that says coming soon, you must activate the patient portal in MedicFusion.
Log into your MedicFusion site and open ADMIN > Features and Functions then scroll all the way to the bottom to select the Patient Portal Features. Turn all items ON and click save.


STEP 1 - Upgrade eSuite, get account information from MedicFusion, and fix all errors:

1. Download Java from www.java.com and install on your server computer only. This will make the next item easier for install.

2. eSuite will automatically look for updates each day and prompt the users to run. If you would like to look for the update manaully, simply click the windows start button > All apps > SeamLESS eSuite Folder > eSuite update checker. This will look for the required update. This update must be run on all computers using eSuite. The server version will be version and the workstations will be version Check the windows control panel for the correct version #. is the correct server number,

***** We recommend updating the server first. Once this is complete, you can safely update the client/workstation computers. It's always best practice to keep the other programs closed while you do these updates as well. The update should only take a minute for each computer. Be sure to select the Pinnacle server at first login of eSuite and ePayments after the update. ie. SERVER/PINNACLE. If it does not show in the dropdown, you can manually type it or copy and paste it from the SeamLESS log-in page.

3. Users that registered for 2015 EHR on the SeamLESSEHR website before 12/4/15, will be contacted directly by MedicFusion with your EHR account information. This information will be used in Step 2 below. Do not contact MedicFusion directly for support or to obtain this information. Please use Mentor Support or email support@SeamLESSehr.com with questions.

4. Open eSuite Reports tab. Click on CHECK AND FIX. This will open up a new utility of reports. These items are the items that were included in the manual fix list previously to help users clean up SeamLESS. Run each report in the utlity and correct any errors. This is important to do prior to connecting to MedicFusion to avoid any connection problems.

STEP 2 - Configure the EHR Settings within eSuite:

1. ON THE SERVER ONLY! > Some systems security are requiring users to run eSuite as Administrator. Right click on eSuite icon and go to properties > compatibility settings > all users > run as administrator and click save, DO THIS BEFORE you open eSuite. (RUN AS ADMINSTRATOR)
2. Open eSuite
3. Open the Utilites tab. In the SeamLESS EHR Settings pane, be sure to type in your SIgn-in page information and Practice Identifier that you received from MedicFusion.
a. The Sign-in page must be in the exact format in order for the launch button to work on the Notes tab. ie. http:\\yourpracticename.medicfusion.com
b. The Practice Identifier must be entered 2 times exactly before it will save. It will only appear one time in the top box the next time you log-in. This is normal.
4. Save

STEP 3 - Log into your MedicFusion account:
1. From any computer, open eSuite and navigate to the Notes tab. Click the SeamLESS EHR logo in the upper right hand corner to open to your MedicFusion Sign-in page. NOTE: If this does not work, Step 1 or 2 above was not completed properly. HINT: MedicFusion works best in the Firefox web browser. It can be downloaded for free at www.mozilla.com.
2. Log into your account with the username and password provided to you by MedicFusion.
3. On the Home page, point at the Admin Tab > then point at settings > then click on Practice Settings.
a. This will open to the Practice Information page. Make sure ALL of this information is correct for your practice. Most importantly is the Tax ID Number! Click save if you make changes at the bottom of the screen.
4. Next, point at the Admin Tab > then point at settings > then click on Staff Settings.
a. This will open to the Current staff list. It is only necessary to have the Doctor listed as a staff member. It will work best for eRX and Auto-signature functions to always log in as the Doctor only. Do not add CAs here.
b. Click the Doctor's name. This will open to the Staff Profile page. Verify ALL of the information on this page for accuracy. Most importantly the NPI number! If this number is not correct before you connect, it will cause major problems. Be sure the minimum information is inputted: Name, address, email, NPI and staff role is set to provider, etc.. Click save if you make changes at the bottom of the screen.
5. Leave this page open and proceed to STEP 4.

STEP 4 - Launch the SeamLESS EHR Server:
1. ON THE SERVER ONLY! Open eSuite and navigate to the Utilities page. Make sure the server is running version by looking in the control panel and the programs and features section.
2. Under the SeamLESS EHR Settings section, click the blue circle icon to launch the EHR server.
3. Once the program opens, click Start. This will upload all of your information to your MedicFusion site. This may take up 10+ minutes to send up to your site depending on your database size, computer speed, and internet speed. DO NOT STOP OR INTERUPT THIS PROCESS or it will corrupt your MedicFusion data. You will know the process is complete because the status will say processing complete and have today's date and time next to it.
4. Once the process is complete, MINIMIZE the program by hitting the - in the upper right corner. This will place the program in your taskbar by the time. This must remain running on your server until after you attest for 2015. Then you can stop the program.
5. Proceed to Step 5

STEP 5 - Check information on MedicFusion site:
1. Go back to the browser you have open or re-open and log back into your MedicFusion site. If the site was open, click the icon in the upper left corner of the page that says your practice name. This will refresh MedicFusion.
2. Look at the Pending Queue. If the process worked in Step 4, you will show all of your visits from 10/1/15 to present here. If the queue is empty, try refreshing again or log-out and then back in. If the queue is still empty, contact Mentor support immediately.
3. In MedicFusion, Point at Reports > point at HITECH > click on Seamless only.
a. Enter the date 10-01-2015 in the From Date. The To Date should be today. Click Generate List.
b. This will pull all of your visits and patients into the list. Click the Box in the upper left corner of the list and it will check ALL of the visits. Scroll all the way down to the bottom of the list and click PROCESS LIST. This will sign all of your visits and move the visits form Pending to Pulse queue or simply clear them from the list if the visit wasn't today's date. **NOTE: You may need to do this step several times in a row to clear all the names because the batcher will only process 1001 names at a time. Run this as many times as it takes to clear all the names.
c. Click the icon in the upper left corner of the page that says your practice name. This will refresh MedicFusion and take you to the Home page. Your Pending queue should now be empty.

STEP 6 - Watch for breaking NEWS on the homepage, videos, and read faqs on this website for more instructions.
Videos ware available in the knowledgebase > video section of this website.
1. EHR 2015 - Configuring SeamLESS v1 to connect to MedicFusion
2. eSuite - New Features walkthrough for Dec. 2015 Update including Check and FIx
3. EHR 2015 - Where do I start?
4. Stage related items. Watch the video that applies to your practice:
a. EHR 2015 - How to enter Meaningful Use data into MedicFusion: eXpress STAGE 1
b. EHR 2015 - How to enter Meaningful Use data into MedicFusion: eXpress STAGE 2

REMEMBER... you have until 2/29/16 to attest using the Stage 2 modified information provided in the news and FAQ sections of this website.

1. Review the FAQ article, How to I connect SeamLESS v1 to MedicFusion for EHR 2015?', read the NEWS on the hompage for latest updates to the videos and faqs, and check the Video sections of this website for exact instructions on how-to set up SeamLESS V1 with Medicfusion. THIS MUST BE DONE FIRST!
2. From the FAQ section or the Unlimited forms dropbox folder, print the stage 2 modified instructions.
3. Determine which stage of EHR you are in. Stage 1 = year 1 or 2 of participation Stage 2 = year 3+ of participation.
4. Watch the video on stage 1 and 2 by MedicFusion. How to use MedicFusion to meet Stage 1 and Stage 2 meaningful use with the new Stage 2 modified requirements
5. Print the MedicFusion Meaningful Use guide from the Unlimited forms dropbox folder OR from within your MedicFusion site Reports >HITECH > 2015 Attestation guide.
6. Check the video section of www.SeamLESSEHR.com for express instructions on what we need to do.
7. In your MedicFusion site, watch the Reports tab > HITECH for attestation instruction videos for stage 1 and stage 2. These will be available after 1/4/16 to provide assistance with attesting this year. Attestation must by 2/29/16.

Right click on the eSuite update checker program and left click on run as administrator. This will fix the program. You can access the program by clicking Start > SeamLESS eSuite > eSuite Updater.

Another option is to simply download the appropriate version directly from the links in the FAQs.