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SeamLESS Radiology Systems

**Make sure that the SeamLESS Radiology Services viewing software has been installed on your main computer by support before adding any other instances of the software on other computers. 
Use the install link below on the computer you wish to add SRS viewer on. Your username and password will remain the same on all computers. 
Installation link for SRS Viewer to setup on new computers:

Instructions to assign a radiologist to a study can be found in the Articles section of the support website: 'SeamLESS_Radiologists.pdf'
Video instructions are provided in the video section of the support site: 'SeamLESS Radiology Systems Tutorial'

To get started with SeamLESS Radiology Systems, purchase the itme from the main website.  Once the purchase is complete. SRS support will contact you to install the software.

**Note: Please do not call Mentor Support for this install. This is a different support team for SRS.


To get started, complete the PinnacleTV Setup. Follow the steps to Create a New Account. After you fill in your registration information, return to the PinnacleTV Setup Instruction Page and download the appropriate software. Every PinnacleTV account is ready to go with pre-loaded content and presentations! Initial customization for your office is completed in just a few easy steps.

1.Sign up for your PinnacleTV Account:  PinnacleTV Sign up
2.Install Adobe® AIR™ runtime on all computers that will running PinnacleTV AirStudio or PinnacleTV AirPlayer:  Adobe air
3.On any computer that you wish to use to customize and edit your PinnacleTV stream (ie. a Front Desk computer), install PinnacleTV SignageStudio for editing and customizing.
4.Only on the computers which will be streaming PinnacleTV (connected directly to a TV), Install PinnacleTV SignagePlayer to stream PinnacleTV to your HDTV.
5.Optional, watch our online Video Tutorials for info on advanced customization.



SeamLESS Support by Mentor Technologies

SeamLESS products are supported by Mentor Technologies -

Contact information:


Phone: 1-888-724-9646 ext 6



SeamLESS v1 & eSuite

This Utility is an add-on product to work with SeamLESS 1.0 and eSuite. This Utility will allow users to add ICD10 codes into SeamLESS.  It will also allow users to send paper and electronic claims in ICD10 or ICD9 format automatically.  The Utility can be installed on the server and/or workstation computers.  It is self installable and takes 1-2 mnutes to complete.  A video tutorial is available in the Knowledgebase under Videos.

** HINT: If during the install process you are asked to select a server and the page is blank and not showing any servers, exit the installer.  From the folder containing the install file, right click on the file and left click on run as administrator. This will then find all your servers.  Select the PINNACLE instance on your current server computer!!

Please use the following link to download the SeamLESS ICD10 Utility. 

SeamLESS ICD10 Utility Download

ICD-10 Utility Video Tutorial